Try a paragliding flight in Clopotiva

Learn to fly and discover new places in Romania!

Paragliding has been gaining popularity in Romania and it is, after all, the safest way of flying freely next to the mountains and, why not, maybe even just beneath the clouds. Together with our instructor we will guide you through the first “secrets” of paragliding: we will brief you, present you the equipment and get you ready for take-off.

Videos and pictures

We know you want to keep some reminders of your adventure and to tell your friends all about it. That is why we will be filming your flight. We will film you from two angles: one GoPro camera can be placed on your foot to record your every move and another one on a selfie-stick – with which you can film and take pictures from what angle you want.

At the end of your flight you will receive the video/ pictures, as well as a certificate to prove that, yes, you did have the courage to fly with us. You will also get a 10% discount to offer a friend who would also like to fly with us.


We want to contribute to the development of the areas in which we fly and, in order to also help you find the best accommodation, we have partnered up with the locals. You will be able to taste local eco food, hand-picked from the local gardens and, most importantly, live an unforgettable experience.  

Let’s get to know each other!

Are you planning your next trip, do you have any questions about your paragliding flight or do you just want to say hi?